Advanced packet level failover with 100% uptime.

Hot Failover from Infusion

With other failover solutions, WAN fail-over terminates the existing connection and must be reestablished. This means that users that are on the phone using VoIP, or in progress credit card transactions will all drop and need to be restarted, providing a poor customer experience. SpeedFusion Hot Failover from Peplink maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep you up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, SpeedFusion Hot Failover instantly and seamlessly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions, unbreakable VPNs, and all day, every day productivity.

VoIP and SIP

Hot Failover is perfect for businesses that use Voice over IP, or SIP based phones. With most failover routers, if the primary connection running the SIP, such as fibre, were to fail, all active calls immediately drop. Sessions need to be reestablished on the LTE failover connection, and customer’s all need to be called back. With Hot Failover, calls are routed through a dedicated SpeedFusion VPN which utilizes all WAN connections. If the primary connection were to fail, secondary connections like LTE are already active and immediately take over. There’s no dropped calls, or any sessions that need to be reestablished. Users actively on the phone have no idea there was even an outage. When the primary WAN is restored, calls move back to it and continue to function normally, providing an outstanding customer experience, with the highest level of up time for call centres.

Worry-free connection and support

With Infusion Managed Services, you’re backed by our dedicated Engineering team and Level 2 Rogers support. We provide high SLAs, with next-day router replacement in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Reliable Uptime

Enjoy a consistent, more stable connection on your internet, by utilizing low cost cellular, Cable and DSL connections. Add failover to a dedicated fibre circuit, or bond Cable and DSL for a fibre level SLA.

24/7 DDoS Protection

Get peace of mind with enhanced security, and ensure your company info stays safe.

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